Multiple Projects Share One Config (Monorepo)

Several projects may have independent release notes with the same format. For instance packages in a monorepo. Here’s how you can use towncrier to set this up.

Below is a minimal example:

├── project_a
│   ├── newsfragments
│   │   └── 123.added
│   ├── project_a
│   │   └──
│   └── NEWS.rst
├── project_b
│   ├── newsfragments
│   │   └── 120.bugfix
│   ├── project_b
│   │   └──
│   └── NEWS.rst
└── towncrier.toml

The towncrier.toml looks like this:

# It's important to keep these config fields empty
# because we have more than one package/name to manage.
package = ""
name = ""

Now to add a fragment:

towncrier create --config towncrier.toml --dir project_a  124.added

This should create a file at project_a/newsfragments/124.added.

To build the news file for the same project:

towncrier build --config towncrier.toml --dir project_a --version 1.5

Note that we must explicitly pass --version, there is no other way to get the version number. The towncrier.toml can only contain one version number and the package field is of no use for the same reason.