Customizing the News File Output#

Adding Content Above towncrier#

If you wish to have content at the top of the news file (for example, to say where you can find the tickets), you can use a special rST comment to tell towncrier to only update after it. In your existing news file (e.g. NEWS.rst), add the following line above where you want towncrier to put content:

.. towncrier release notes start

In an existing news file, it’ll look something like this:

This is the changelog of my project. You can find the
issue tracker at http://blah.

.. towncrier release notes start

myproject 1.0.2 (2018-01-01)


- Fixed, etc...

towncrier will not alter content above the comment.


If your news file is in Markdown (e.g., use the following comment instead:

<!-- towncrier release notes start -->